Our 25 favorite English songs of 2020

Most of them made the planet vibrate. Others remain well-kept secrets that we invite you to discover. Here are the twenty-five English songs, from here and elsewhere, that we listened to tirelessly in 2020.

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Cedric Belanger

Over Me, Beyries

She has Florence and the Machine in her nose, this melody with an immense galvanizing chorus. Montrealer Beyries offers here pop-rock with ambitious arrangements as we would like to see more often in Quebec.

Renegade Breakdown, Marie Davidson and L’Oeil nu

Montreal’s queen of electro Marie Davidson and her peers from the Naked Eye can claim loud and clear that they have turned their backs on dance floors on their new album, this intoxicating techno-pop-prog encounter between Mylène Farmer , Pink Floyd and Daft Punk, makes you want to sway your hips.

Cardigan, Taylor Swift

Apart from a few titles, Ms. Swift’s work left me indifferent at best. Until I came across this soothing indie-style pop-folk ballad. If there was an award for Musical Reinvention of the Year, Tay Tay would add another trophy to his massive collection.

Blinding Lights, The Weeknd

To use the judicious phrase of a columnist of New York Times, A-ha meets Michael Jackson on this irresistible pop bomb.

Shook, Tkay maidza

The best single heard this year. Robust and addictive, this fireworks display lasting less than three minutes highlights the sense of melody and impeccable flow of this young Australian rapper.

Raphael Gendron-Martin

Don’t Start Now, Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa released the best pop album of the year, with Future Nostalgia. Each piece is a little bomb in itself and there are no filler pieces. So I could have chosen any of the eleven tracks on the album, but I decided to go with the most important: Don’t Start Now. With more than 1.2 billion plays on Spotify, the track is sure to mark 2020, and places Dua Lipa among the biggest pop stars on the planet.

The Adults Are Talking, The Strokes

Having not released any albums in seven years, New Yorkers came back with an unexpected record. In addition to the contagious Bad Decisions, which looks like I Melt With You, from Modern English, the band of Julian Casablanca serves us good old classic Strokes with The Adults Are Talking.

Take Me Home, Country Roads, Whitney

How I love this band from Chicago! On their cover album, Candid, the musicians tackled a monument of American country song: Take Me Home, Country Roads, by John Denver. With the collaboration of Waxahatchee, the result is sublime.

Photo courtesy, Olivia Bee

Instant Nightmare, The Dears

Instant crush for this piece by the Montreal group which has come back in force with its new album, Lovers Rock.

Borderline, Tame Impala

Three career albums, three successes. The Australian group has not seen failure since their debut and with the play Borderline, he gives us one of his best career compositions. From the great Tame Impala.

Sandra Godin

Starting Over, Chris Stapleton

When you are also in love with an artist’s musical repertoire, you always wonder if you will love the next work as much as the previous ones. But Chris Stapleton’s fourth album is nothing to disappoint me. I could have cited his cover-up of Joy of My Life or the robust Arkansas, but with these superb flights that make us want to go on the run, Starting Over is already establishing itself as a classic.

We Collided, David Lafleche

I was struck by the beauty and of this very first folk song by David Laflèche, a respected guitarist who reveals for the first time the grain of his soft voice, as emotional as his pen. When we know his background as a musician, it is not surprising that he gives us such a successful first piece. Strongly a full album.

Sixteen The Day, Paul mccartney

What a great gift this latest McCartney album, which came as a reinforcement after a gloomy year. Created in confinement in total freedom, this astonishing album with its somewhat experimental packaging is of extraordinary musical richness. Favorite for the “beatlesque” Sixteen the Day, a real melodic gem.

Therefore I Am, Billie Eilish

She wasn’t just flash in the pan. After an acclaimed debut album – and to say the least – the unclassifiable young star still imposes his originality with this devilishly effective groove track, heralding an equally promising second album.

Water Down The Whiskey, Matt Lang

It would be inconsistent not to include in this chart a song from one of the albums that has played in my ears the most this year. The catchy pace of this tailor-made piece for the stage brought me back to the exhilarating mood of Matt Lang’s shows. A balm while waiting for the reunion.

Bruno Lapointe

Something In Your Eyes, Steps

Need an antidote to the gray and gloomy nature of the pandemic? The British quintet gave it to us on a silver platter. His title ? Something in Your Eyes, a delicious vitamin pop candy. But beware. It can be (strong) addictive.

Infinite Things, Paloma Faith

Only Paloma Faith could embody both all the disillusionment and hope that the coming year has evoked in one song. It is soft. It’s beautiful. And it feels good.

Falling, Harry Styles

The proof is made. Harry Styles has completely freed himself from his past, leaving the formatted pop of (late) One Direction for a new approach, infinitely more personal, nuanced and rich. Falling is the perfect example, the singer revealing his modesty, a great vulnerability that contrasts nicely with the exuberance of his character.

Crying At The Discotheque, Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Certainly, a new disco wave has swept the planet this year. Sophie Ellis-Bextor surfed it brilliantly, making us dance in our living rooms (pandemic obliges!) With Crying at the Discoteque.

Passive Aggressive, Charlotte cardin

Charlotte Cardin knows how to keep us going. Dropping her new pieces onto listening platforms, the singer hit hard (very hard, even) each time, but even more with Passive Aggressive. And with a first album finally expected in the next few weeks, his “Hallelujah, baby! Are particularly appropriate.

Yves Leclerc

Shot in the Dark, AC DC

The guitar riffs of Angus Young, the return of the very hoarse voice of Brian Johnson: the arrival of this totally unexpected and inspired single had the effect of a good vitamin that was badly needed in times of pandemic. AC / DC is not reinventing the wheel and that is fine.

Heart Of An Animal, The Dears

I had lost sight of the Dears a bit over the years. This song, which opens the album Lovers Rock and which is made up of three interlocking musical segments, quickly became my favorite song of the summer of 2020. A huge bombshell.

End of the Attention Span, Armored Saint

They, I didn’t believe they were still alive. Until, by chance and to my surprise, I stumbled upon this melodic, energetic little metal bomb that appeared out of nowhere and brought a big smile to my face.

12 Things I Forgot, Steven wilson

I confess. I’m a fan of Steven Wilson. I have a connection with everything he does and this song on the album Personal Shopper, which will be released in January, is a gem. A catchy and addicting melody and chorus. Love it and she played a lot in December.

Air Ali, Naya Ali

My reaction was immediate as soon as I heard this song for the first time on the radio. Who is he? What’s this ? An aerial flow and a good rhythm. Right the kind of hip-hop that comes for me.

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