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For this reason Billie Eilish lost thousands of followers on Instagram

Billie eilish

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Billie eilish, who will release his long-awaited second album sooner rather than later, seems to have ‘momentarily’ annoyed thousands of his 73 million Instagram followers after his last interaction with them on the aforementioned platform. Thus, the number of ‘followers’ of the American interpreter fell, just for a few hours, to 72.9 million after she shared some artistic drawings that she had made, which represented female breasts.

After noticing the negative response that his publication had generated, the 18-year-old pop star did not hesitate to send them a message in a humorous tone to reproach them for their attitude and brand them as “babies”, although his words did not come off a excessive discomfort on your part. Finally, his legion of followers on Instagram returned to 73 million, probably because the two illustrations ended up disappearing from the Stories section of his profile.

“I start laughing, they are all babies,” reads the brief message he dedicated to his fans on account of the significant drop in the figures that mark his level of public projection in the virtual sphere. However, everything has now returned to normal and the artist will be able to focus her attention once again on that “new era” of music that she has promised her fans. “It has been the end of an era and now I am going to give you a new era. I have news to announce, I have something to offer you ”, he wrote a few days ago.


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