Favor being rather than appearing

Ignoring fashions, ignoring the dictates of doing this or that, Marcia Pilote has made BEing a way of life for 30 years. In his 17e career book, Learn to be, it provides avenues for learning to prioritize an interior life rich in meaning rather than an accumulation of “doing”. This is a key, she assures, to learning to live differently and to get through the pandemic without losing too many feathers.

Marcia Pilote, a woman very committed to her community of loyal readers, considers that it is high time to change a certain view of things that attributes value to the verb “to do”.

“We are privileged. And even before the pandemic arrived, that was my hobbyhorse, she says. We must stop being in this dynamic of “doing things”. The more we do, the more we attribute our worth as human beings to what we do rather than what we are. “

She finds that very pernicious. “It takes us away from ourselves. It is believed that happiness and all that one seeks in life is found on the outside. But here we can see it: maybe we have found fleeting happiness outside … but we are cut off from that. We have to find something permanent inside of us. “

This is accessible to all, she adds. “We have to know how privileged we are to have this luxury. I am not speaking for everyone because I am very aware that there is a part of the population that does not have this luxury. But there is a big gang that has it. Our grandmothers, for example, didn’t have the luxury of taking an hour here and there to relax. We have it. And we didn’t give it up because we filled out our agendas. “


Since March, we’ve been busy looking after ourselves, she adds. But the more the months go by, the harder it gets. “For two months, people have been falling. All our activities, the surge, the whirlwind, we realize that it no longer holds the road. It fits us in. But that’s good news: we’re going to have to get out of “FOMO” – the Fear Of Missing Out (fear of missing something) – a dynamic that North Americans are dependent on. “

“We’re so afraid of missing dates that we miss the best date we should have: the date with yourself. “

The trend is for change, since FOMO has gone out of fashion to become JOMO: the Joy Of Missing Out (the joy of missing out on something). “It’s like a joy to discover, that you don’t have to do something anymore. “

At the level of being

Her outlook on life is helping her navigate the pandemic and its many effects. “When we stay at the level of being, our essence and what gives meaning to our life, there is no problem. “

She shows empathy and lucidity – two qualities that can be found in her book. “Of course, I am not denying the fact that there are people who have been sick and others who have lost loved ones. It’s dramatic. But the daily grind continues for a lot of people and I find it hasn’t been talked about enough. When you have a roof over your head, that you can eat … there is really a way to make good lives. “


For the past few months, everyone has had to learn to live differently. The only way in my opinion that will allow us to get through the pandemic without leaving too much feathers is to put in BE MODE rather than appear.

I wrote this book to make my contribution in this direction. Not as a specialist, but as a HUMAN BEING who knows how to BE.

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