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Cristian Castro takes a bottle and very proudly shares it on his social networks

Cristian castro.

Vallery Jean. / Grosby Group

Although it seems that this is a simple bratty “spoiled child” it is quite the opposite, a very adult decision. Cristian castro you will launch yourself as an entrepreneur. Yes, the son of Veronica Castro plans to venture into the “Bussiness” pulling out Her own brand of baby bottles!

A few days ago he published a photograph on his social networks in which he appears taking a bottle with the design of Elmo, one of the characters of Sesame Street, the famous children’s television show.

As expected, he received a lot of criticism and ridicule from some followers, but as much he remained firm in the love he feels for the Mexican artist and was told “Who loved his humor” and “Do what you want.”

The singer offered an interview to a host in Argentina where he stated that he plans to launch a brand of nipples for adults. He made it clear that it is not only something that reminds him of his childhood but also seems practical, because it does not spill.

Everything indicates that the consent of the Castro He plans to pay tribute to a custom he has had since he was a child and that has prevailed throughout his 46 years, as he has stated on several occasions. Here we leave the singer’s statements for Radio Miter.

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