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For many years we have been used to relating the calorie count as a indispensable aspect to measure progress in weightloss. The truth is that currently it has been questioned whether it is a good weight loss strategy, tosome insist that count calories It is useful because they believe that losing weight comes down to the concept of calories going in versus calories going out. Others believe that calorie count is out of date, does not work and in fact they believe that often ends up being more counterproductive; people tend to become obsessed with the subject and eventually end up suffering from the famous and dreaded rebound effect.

First thing’s first What is a calorie? A calorie is defined as the amount of thermal energy Necessary for raise the temperature of a gram of water in 1 ° C. Calories are normally used to describe the amount of energy that the body gets from what we eat and drink. They can also be used to set the amount of energy that the body needs to perform physical tasks including: the breathing, thinking and maintaining heartbeats.

While the calories are indispensable for him functioning of the organism. It is particularly striking that during digestion, the body breaks down food that you eat in smaller units. These subunits can be used for build tissues and to provide the body with the energy it needs to satisfy its immediate needs. Later the body will use most of the calories to perform basic functionss, how to provide energy for the optimal functioning of the most important organs: brain, kidneys, lungs and heart.

Why are calories so important in weight loss?

Now, once the energy needs immediate body, any excess energy it is stored for future use. In such a way that a part is stored as glycogen in muscles, but most end being stored as fat. That is why the formula is clear: if you consume more calories than the body needs, you will gain weight and also in average of fat. On the other hand, when the calories that we obtain through the diet are insufficient to cover immediate needs, the body will be forced to draw on energy reserves to compensate. And this is the opposite process that makes let’s lose weight and above all body fat, of this scientific support This is where the idea on which various dietary guidelines based exclusively on “The calorie count.”

What does science say?

A recent study has come to remove a bandage from our eyes and verifies that the amounts of calories they don’t matter as much as the quality of food, which in a way makes sense with the current nutrition trend based on the consumption of super-foods. Not just as a key aspect in weight loss, also as a powerful tool in the disease prevention.

Over the course of a year, more than 600 people participated in a trial for the study published in JAMA. To ensure that genetic differences were taken into account, the subjects were randomly divided into two groups of diets: low in carbohydrates and low in fat The interesting thing about this study is that both groups attended classes with dietitians and were taught how to cook at home and the benefits on the consumption of whole-grain foods (also known as plant foods that are not processed or refined). Participants were not given no calorie requirements or restrictions; instead they were taught to cook with whole foods, with an emphasis on nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods as vegetables, brown rice, lentils, lean meats, salmon, avocados and plus. As part of this change in dietThey were also told to avoid the consumption of added sugars, refined cereals, and processed foods. People who reduced their intake of these harmful foods, which are in fact highly caloric and nutrient-free, and replaced them with Lots of vegetables and whole-grain foods, not counting calories or limit portion sizes, they lost a lot of weight in the over the course of a year.

Furthermore, the study found other very interesting revelations about the power of diet and the benefits of following a natural balanced diet, the fact that simply reduce carbohydrates, fat, and calories didn’t really have a impact on weight loss, while change quality of a diet is critical to success.

We can conclude that today we have valuable tools to feed ourselves differently and thereby gain health, prevent diseases and enjoy a healthy weight. The researchers of this study also emphasize that the most important thing is have common senseEating 100 calories from sweets and sugar has to be less beneficial to the body than eating 100 calories from vegetables. Finally everything is in awareness and interest in create a healthier lifestyle, is the key to living longer and better.


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