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Without mincing words, Carolina Sandoval's daughter talks about her sexuality

Carolina Sandoval.

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Carolina sandoval It will be very controversial talking about any topic but as a mother she is the most loving and didactic possible. In turn, he has dedicated himself to taking care of the steps that his eldest daughter is beginning to take Barbara Camila as an influencer. She has been very cautious in the way she expresses herself when doing some “Live” with it and above all, the way it responds to its retractors.

On this occasion, both took advantage of their vacation days in the middle of the snow to carry out different activities together such as playing pool and thus, talking about many things, including some comments they have received Barbara Camila. The latter began the broadcast by talking about when she plans to have children and what she thinks about it. Based on this, the two came to the conclusion that the first thing is that he ends his career. The young girl plans to study medicine and has proven to be an exemplary student and “He doesn’t want any distractions during that time when he will focus on his studies.”

However, they also touched on a topic following the remarks of a follower who, according to the words of “The Poisonous” labeled Barbara of “Lesbian” for simply not posting photos of the twinks she likes or a potential boyfriend.

Carolina, without mincing words, he first said that if someone defines or defines it as “lesbian”, for her it is not an insult and that, she deeply respects the personal decisions of each one. She added that if her daughters like men or women, they will always receive the same support, respect and love from her but that until now she likes children.

But it was the same teenager who said that she does not publish anything about who she likes or dislikes because she has always been a very reserved person and because there is nothing to publish, but what if she had to say that she likes people of the same sex Well, she would have no problem saying it because they have educated her from respect.

With this, Barbara Camila He showed his maturity to face this type of criticism and especially the good education he has received from his family, especially from the one that until recently was one of the drivers of the program Drop the Soup, Carolina Sandoval.

Here we leave you the complete transmission so that you can listen to mother and daughter touch on such important issues as these.

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