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This is what Armando Manzanero's daughter said about the inheritance left by her father

Armando Manzanero died on December 28 from COVID-19.

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In the Manzanero family there will be no dramas or lawsuits over inheritance, assured María Elena, the second of the seven children he had Armando Manzanero, the famous Yucatecan who died this Tuesday.

“Everything is very clear (my father) was always very forward-thinking and he gave us everything in life. There is nothing that anyone can feel offended or fought over because he gave everything to us in life and we share everything“, Indicated the daughter of Manzanero in a telephone connection for the Reform Agency from Mérida.

After having taken the ashes of his father to the Yucatecan capital, Malena, as they say in the family, assured that the seven siblings get along well and are close.

Armando, María Elena, Diego and Martha were the offspring that the author of “Somos Novios” procreated with his first wife, María Elena Arjona Torres; the friends Mainca and Rodrigo, in addition to Juan Pablo, raised them together with María Cristina Blum.

“It is very difficult for us to become more united because we adore each other, we always say how fortunate we are that my parents have done to us as they did to us. We are very united, well, the distance with Mainca, with Rodrigo (physically) prevents us more, but every time we see each other, we have a very nice time, we love us, We support each other, but all the others are.

“In the chat always, while my dad was in the hospital, we were supporting each other, loving each other. We get along well. “

And on the administration and related affairs of his father as a composer and performer, he affirmed that everything will remain in the hands of the SACM, of which he was President when he died, and was an active member for almost his entire life.

“The Society of Authors (and Composers of Mexico, SACM) is the one that does all that, that’s what it exists for, that’s why I learned a lot with them. We used to go there a lot… (my dad took me), I remember a lot when Consuelo Velázquez was president, I was a girl, I saw that. All that will remain in order“, He emphasized.

He added that in the coming days they will decide how the last private ceremony will be to say goodbye to the “King of Bolero.” Of course, they will include champagne and music, all dressed in white and singing the piece “When I Go from Here”, which he recorded with the Ecuadorian Paulina Aguirre.

“We want to organize a mass online. We do know that there are many people who want to join us, and something will have to be done. My father was a believer, not very practicing, although he did go to mass when he could ”.

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