“Mutant” Coronavirus Arrives in the United States; confirm first case in Colorado | The State

The coronavirus has a more contagious strain.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Colorado Health Authorities confirmed the first case of coronavirus “Mutant” that would have been first detected in the UK.

“The health and safety of Coloradans is our top priority and we will closely monitor this case, as well as all COVID-19 indicators.”said the governor Jared Polis it’s a statement. “We are working to prevent the spread and contain the virus at all levels.”

This variant is reported as more contagious, although the symptoms it causes are not more serious than those of other strains of the pandemic.

The Colorado state laboratory confirmed the presence of the strain in an Elbert County man in his 20s, authorities said.

That person is isolated and has no travel history, according to the press release, prompting questions about how they spread.

Following the UK report, most European countries restricted travel, in order to stop the spread.

In New York, the governor Andrew Cuomo He alerted last week of the trips to the entity and said that surveillance would be increased.

The news of this first case comes when the country almost reaches 20 million coronavirus infections and approaches 350,000 deaths.


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