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How much money did designer Pierre Cardin, the father of

Pierre Cardin revolutionized the fashion industry by making his collections accessible and offering them in department stores.

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Pierre Cardin was an Italian-born French fashion designer who had a fortune amounting to $ 800 million at the time of his death, according to the portal Celebrity Net Worth.

The designer died this Tuesday, December 29 at the age of 98. During his career he was considered a design visionary. Perhaps most importantly, Pierre created the concept of fashion as we know it today almost on his own, which earned him a huge fortune.

He was born on July 7, 1922, in San Biagio di Callalta, Italy. At the age of 14 became an apprentice tailor and at 17 he planned to move to Paris in the middle of World War II which led him to work for the French Red Cross.

Cardin he was a music lover So he began to design costumes for different operas, plays and even movies. In 1950 he founded his own brand and in 1958 he spent time as a professor emeritus at Bunka Fashion College in Japan.

Ready-to-wear fashion

In 1959 the designer made the first collection for women of “ready-to-wear“. It was the first time that a high-level designer created a “ready-to-wear” fashion ensemble. At that time it was considered sacrilege for a designer to mass produce a collection as top designers only made a small number of pieces for wealthier clients.

However Pierre Cardin chose your collections would be available in department stores for everyone. In the 60s he created a collection of men’s suits and his clothes became more and more futuristic and full of colors. “I always take inspiration from something outside, not from the body itself,” he said during an interview for the newspaper. The New York Times in 1985.

The newspaper notes that unlike many current designers whose businesses are run by corporations, Cardin had no partners: “I am the financier, the banker and the creator. I have always done what I wanted because I have never had a boss. “

Cardin was a visionary designer as his name became a brand in a number of merchandise ranging from clothing to bath towels. In 1977 he acquired the Maxim’s chain of stores and turned them into a series of boutiques to sell his designs.

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Much of his fortune coming from fashion invested it in real estate buying several buildings in cities like Barcelona, ​​Rome, Milan, a palace in Venice, Castles and houses in different parts of the world.

One of those houses is located in Cannes and is called “The Palace of the Bubbles”, a 12,000 square foot house that is made of 10 giant bubbles, has three pools, gardens and even an outdoor theater with capacity for 500 people. . The house that has an impressive view of the Mediterranean was put up for sale in October 2015 in $ 450 million.

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