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Dinner is he great end of the day and in many ways it is the food that defines us the most. Normally during dinner we take the opportunity to spending time with the people who matter most to us and in a way the places we usually go, they are the ones that most represent us. Also the dinners that we usually prepare at home speak a lot about us, our habits and custom. The truth is that on many occasions, especially on the heaviest days, we arrived with little energy for dinner and it is very common to finish “Eating anything”.

further dinner is the time of day when more time we have to cook and enjoy it, the responsibilities are over. Also dinner can be a great ally to lose weight or the worst enemy. Taking into account that for americans, dinner is where you are the highest protein intake of the day, several points are worth clarifying. To begin with, this custom is a mistake: eating protein throughout the day, instead of being a centerpiece for dinner; it is key to maintaining strong muscles and improving both physical and mental performance. At the same time, it is a fundamental nutritional aspect to promote weight loss.

It has a relevant study of the year 2014 and which was released in The Journal of Nutrition. In which the researchers found that eat a moderate amount of protein, three times a day, is more than effective for stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In simpler words: the process of building lean muscle tissue, burns more fat.

These kinds of revelations make us give you another importance to dinners and the balance between the foods we usually consume, always giving priority to the use of abundant vegetables. That is why we gave ourselves to the task of collect some practical tips, to take control of your dinners, improve health and monitor body weight.

1. Don’t eat without hunger

Typical: you come home late from the office, you actually feel quite tired and ready to go to bed but still you force yourself “Have something to eat”. The best advice we can give you is that do not do it, if for some reason you’re not in the mood to the last meal of the day Or you just don’t have an appetite, it’s always better to just go to sleep and have a good breakfast the next day. According A study made byJournal of the Association for Consumer Research, in which they participated 45 university students, the researchers found that people who had a moderate hunger before a meal they tended to have lower blood glucose levels after eating, than those that they weren’t very hungry before eating.

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2. If you go to a restaurant ask for “adult drinks”

We all love going out to dinner with friends or partner and the first thing we usually do is order that huge and quite colorful drink, unfortunately it is very likely that is full of sugar. Yes it’s correct, a frozen margarita It may be a wonderful idea especially for whet your appetite, However, in most of the restaurants and bars they have abandoned their fresh fruit recipes in favor of use of viscous syrups made primarily of corn syrup with high fructose content and thickening agents. As a general rule: how many more garnishes have a drink hanging over the edge, the worse it will be for the waist. Bet on the red wine that is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, order cocktails made with sparkling mineral water, lime, grapefruit, cucumber, mint, ginger, red berries and peppermint. It is also advisable to ask for the drinks on the rocks, of course moderately since they are much more concentrated.

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3. Eat wet carbohydrates

In the last months much has been said about the carbohydrate intakeYes, although they are not necessarily the bad guys in the story, it is essential monitor their quality and the portions. You are probably wondering what this term consists of, it does not refer to soak the potatoes in sauce. A wet carbohydrate are those sources that naturally contain a lot of water, as is the case with: cucumbers, tomatoes, asparagus, spinach, celery, lettuce and kale. At night it will always be better avoid eating dry carbohydrates, as is the case of: bread, potatoes, rice and Pasta, consuming these foods late requires your body remove water to digest them and also due to its caloric intake it will be difficult to burn them. Wet carbohydrates are a great alternative since they not only allow us to enjoy adequate hydration during the night, they are low in calories and accelerate metabolism. All these factors are of great help so that the body can process fiber better and promote better digestion and waste disposal.

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4. Drink and drink more water

Water is always good and while ensuring its consumption throughout the day is essential for the functioning of the body and in slimming, in fact drink a couple of glasses of water at night it is even more important. While we rest, the body continues working and it is precisely the moment in which all organs and systems are regenerated, keep good hydration will be key in the elimination of toxins and fluid retention how much is related to the overweight.

Drinking water
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5. Sleep well

There are very relevant data that relate the diet with various sleep disturbances. According A study enhanced by Wake Forest, dieters: sleep five hours or less and accumulate two and a half times more abdominal fat, while those who sleep more than eight hours accumulate much less than that. That is why nutritionists and doctors they do not stop recommending: eat early dinner and set sleep times, at the same time it is important to ensure quality sleep between 6-7 hours. It is key to the proper functioning of metabolism and weight loss.

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