COVID-19 May Not Be The Worst Pandemic We Are Facing, WHO Warns | The State

The head of emergencies of the World Health Organization (WHO), Mike ryan, warned in the last report of the year 2021 that the coronavirus might not be the great pandemic that experts have feared for a long time.

In its first reports on the new virus almost a year ago, the WHO began to warn that the world must be prepared for an even deadlier pandemic than the current one.

“This pandemic has been very serious,” Ryan said Monday. “It has affected every corner of this planet. But this is not necessarily the biggest ”we will face. And he added that the coronavirus should serve as a “wake-up call”.

According to the WHO emergency chief, “these threats will continue.” “One thing we must learn from this pandemic, with all the tragedy and loss, is that we have to act together“, He emphasized.

New strain of coronavirus

2020 is wiping out the distribution of new vaccines against the coronavirus, which was first identified in China late last year. However, the number of cases continues to rise in some places and a variant of the virus -detected for the first time in the United Kingdom in September- has already been registered in more than 20 countries.

This new strain does not appear to be more deadly or resistant to the vaccine, but it is of particular concern to public health experts because it ise transmits faster and it is probably feeding outbreaks from England to South Africa.

Health authorities german they said this Tuesday that they had detected a case of the British variant of the virus dating back to early November. The patient is a elderly man who eventually died from the virus. His daughter had returned from the UK in mid-November. The deceased’s wife was also infected, but survived, Agence France-Presse reported.


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