Record number of coronavirus patients hospitalized in England

The peak of the first wave of incidence is exceeded

The number of hospitalized with coronavirus in England has exceeded the high of the first wave of the pandemic, according to The Evening Standard. According to the NHS, as of December 28, there were 20,400 coronavirus cases in hospitals, while the maximum figure on April 12 was 18,900.

In addition, on December 28, a record daily rate of COVID-19 cases in England and Wales was recorded – 41.3 thousand people.

The busiest day for the London Ambulance Service was Saturday 26 December, with 7,918 calls received on that day. For comparison, a year ago the service processed only 5217 calls.

Despite this, London’s Nightingale Hospital is still not accepting patients due to staff shortages, according to The Telegraph. According to the former president of the Society for Acute Medicine, Dr. Nick Skriven, this is a very dangerous trend. “The hospitals built in the first wave of the pandemic could be used as rehabilitation centers for convalescents, but we can find specialists – the NHS simply has no way to single out anyone.”Dr. Scriven added.

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