“La Veneno” Sandoval was caught in a snowstorm: “I’m dying of fear” | The State

Carolina Sandoval.

Mezcalent / Mezcalent

To try to lessen the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, Carolina “La Venenosa” Sandoval He decided to spend the holidays in Tennessee, but never imagined that what was initially a pleasure trip would turn into a nightmare.

Through a video shared on her Instagram account, the driver was distressed, because the car in which she was traveling with several members of her family got stuck in the middle of a snowstorm in the mountains.

“We cannot go up because the road is frozen. I’m dying of fear because here on the mountain it gets dark early and the road literally looks like an ice rink. Luckily there are many people helping all of us who are stuck, let’s calm down “, you hear “La Venenosa” say.

Finally, the presenter manages to calm down, because she realizes that she is not the only one in this difficult situation; However, he confessed that never before had he been so afraid when witnessing the great power that nature can have.

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