Iggy Azalea lashes out at her son’s father for missing his first Christmas | The State

Initially, Iggy Azalea He had proposed to keep the life of his son Onyx in the strictest privacy, hence he had not given details about the circumstances in which his baby arrived in the world or shared photographs of him pregnant.

However, this weekend the rapper has put aside all discretion to lash out on very harsh terms with the father of her little one, the rapper Playboi Carti, after he supposedly decided to cancel the plans they had drawn up beforehand to spend their son’s first Christmas day together and organize a promotion party for his new album instead, to which he would also have invited his lover.

Imagine: you don’t fly to see your family at Christmas, but the girl you cheated on me with throughout my pregnancy was present at your album party, and suddenly, as if by magic, my son and I no longer we can go for christmas. What rubbish“The artist said on Twitter, who took the opportunity to send a message to the woman who would have had a parallel relationship with Playboi asking her to consider whether she really wants to share her life with a man who had come to her house just the night before to swear eternal love.

Although it is also true that you hid from my landlady in a closet, so I guess you have no dignity“, has added.

Iggy, who in October revealed through social networks that she was single and without commitment, has clarified that she gave birth alone because the musician preferred to continue playing with his video console instead of accompanying her in the hospital, despite the fact that hers was a scheduled cesarean section and he was the only person who had been authorized to enter the delivery room due to the security measures that were implemented in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.


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