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As Cuídate Plus points out, the macrobiotic diet is a diet that is committed to allow and facilitate a balanced diet based on the principles of Ying and Yang, giving this diet a very spiritual character.

As the following sections will indicate, the macrobiotic diet is a restrictive regimen that, however, yes it is capable of generating authentic benefits to the consumer and significantly improve their quality of life.

What foods make up the macrobiotic diet?

The main characteristic of this diet is the restriction of food into two groups. The classification departs from the nomenclature generally used in the dietary field as we have the Ying group and Yang group.

In the ying food group we have tubers, some types of fruits, certain foods of animal origin and their derivatives, processed products, spices, condiments and preservatives.

For its part, in the Yang group we only find whole grains, legumes, seaweed, fish and shellfish.

What is the macrobiotic diet for?

According to the Eastern precepts, the macrobiotic diet is a regimen that seeks balance body, mind and soul, having a deeply spiritual nature that is advanced with the nomenclature mentioned above.

It is not a recommended diet for weight lossAlthough it is possible to lose a few extra kilos with it, this is due to the food restriction that characterizes it. However, such loss may not be up to the user’s expectations.

The consumption of shellfish is part of this diet. Source: Unsplash

Benefits of the macrobiotic diet

This diet significantly reduces the processed and ultra-processed foods, which affects a decrease in harmful substances such as refined flours, added sugars, trans fats, palm oil, and sodium.

Since the macrobiotic diet is essentially a seasonal diet with respect to the consumption of fruits and vegetables, its follow-up implies a responsible attitude towards the environment, which is also visible in the reduction of costs.

Disadvantages of the macrobiotic diet

One of the main disadvantages of the macrobiotic diet is the anxiety that it generates in the person as a result of the foods that it prohibits to consume. There is also true Social isolation associated, since some people stop attending some places because of the food they eat.

On the other hand, the macrobiotic diet neglects the nutritional needs of the person in favor of their spiritual needsTherefore, it is a deficit regime that should not be maintained for a long period of time.

However, if it is planned by a professional, the macrobiotic diet can be much less harmful to the person compared to planning it on their own.

Roughly, the macrobiotic diet is not a regime that you should pursue if you have the goal of losing weight and losing weightThere are other diets that can help you much better in this regard than macrobiotics.

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