They assure that Armando Manzanero is sensitive to the kidneys | The State

Ten days after Armando Manzanero He was admitted to a hospital for having difficulty breathing, a consequence of a Covid-19 picture, it is reported that he is still intubated and now has a delicate kidney.

Due to the improvement that he had presented in recent days, his family expected that in these days he would be extubated, however, yesterday it was announced that he will remain with mechanical respiration, due to other problems that have arisen.

“Maestro Manzanero continues to respond, his lungs are already fine and the oxygen level is at a minimum.

Delicate in relation to his kidneys, a reason that still does not allow him to be extubated. A blood cleanse is started for 72 hours“.

Last Friday, December 11, Manzanero attended a tribute without showing symptoms. By Tuesday the 15th, he began working on a recording and presented a cough and decreased oxygenation due to Covid-19, for which he required an oxygen concentrator.

From that moment on, the interpreter of “Somos Novios” has a mechanical ventilation support; He is in a distracted-free state of rest so that his respiratory system can be restored.


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