Schumacher’s son weighs in on all-time debate after Hamilton equals record

Mick Schumacher has dismissed suggestions his father has been overtaken as Formula One’s greatest-ever driver after Lewis Hamilton equalled the record of seven world championships.

Mercedes driver Hamilton secured his latest triumph last month to put him level with Ferrari legend Michael in career title wins.

Hamilton is widely expected to eventually surpass the German’s accomplishments on the track, having already racked up more Grand Prix victories.

But next season he will be joined in the field by Schumacher’s offspring, Mick, 21, who is set to make his F1 debut at the wheel for Haas.

Naturally the comparisons with his old man have already been drawn, and while Schumacher Jr has no issue with being held in the same breath, he is in no two minds about the status of the man whose footsteps he is following in.

Mick Schumacher believes his father Michael remains the all-time best driver in F1 history

Asked about the constant links, Mick told Bild : “I’m OK with that; all the questions and comparisons with my father do not bother me.

“For me, he is the all-time best in this sport, to which he has given his all. I don’t see why I should disregard that.”

Mick’s promotion to F1 is unsurprisingly generating plenty of fanfare, given his performance in F2 where he finished top of the driver’s standings.

Speaking of his forthcoming debut when the campaign begins in March, he added: “It will generally be a very special moment.

Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher’s record of seven world titles earlier this month

“It will certainly be a very moving moment, but I want to stay focused on my objectives, my races and the work with the team.”

Dad Michael, 51, retired from the sport in 2012, before suffering an horrific injury while skiing the following year which almost claimed his life.

After spending a year in a medically-induced coma, Schumacher was moved to his family home in Switzerland to rehabilitate, but details of his health and condition have been kept under close wraps, and he has not been seen in public since.

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Michael Schumacher is still regarded by many as the sport’s greatest-ever competitor

Ross Brawn – who worked with Schumacher for all seven of his title triumphs – told the F1 podcast earlier this month : “Obviously it’s going to be exciting particularly with Mick coming in, which I have a lot of enthusiasm and passion for.

“So that’s going to be good. And I think it reminds us of the tragedy of Michael’s accident, because, how wonderful it would have been if Michael was able to participate in that.

“I mean, none of us know how much Michael is able to understand.

“But if he’d been part of that – and let’s hope and pray that one day, he might be – that would be very, very special.”

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