Peter Crouch suggests key Premier League rule change

Peter Crouch admits that VAR is here to stay and it is a case of simplifying the rules.

The officiating system has caused havoc and been the subject of heated debates since it was introduced to the top flight 18 months ago.

A host of issues have surfaced but none have caused more controversy than the offside rule.

The dreaded lines have become a part of Premier League matchdays now with armpits, elbows and toes proving integral to marginal calls.

Crouch though would like to see more weight given to attackers with millimetre-tight calls seen as level, rather than offside.

Offsides continue to be a source of debate

He said in the Daily Mail : “Everyone knows my feelings on VAR but not even my Fairy Godmother would be able to grant the wish of getting that binned once and for all.

“It’s here to stay, unfortunately, so I will say I want a change to the offside rule.

“Let’s get shot of this nonsense of elbows and toe and shirt sleeves and armpits. Let’s have the rule where if you are level, you are onside.

“If there is daylight of any kind between the defender and the attacker, you are offside. If we could play to that, life would be much simpler.”

Aston Villa forward Ollie Watkins was recently denied a late equaliser at West Ham which left Dean Smith seething.

Officials have been advised to make better use of pitchside monitors

The striker was judged to be slightly offside, but no attention was paid to a potential foul in the build up.

“It’s not frustrating, it’s just wrong, that’s the easiest way to describe it,” said Smith.

“Offside is offside, so I’ve no problem with that, but they’ve given offside for part of the body that can’t put the ball in the net, and that’s because he is being fouled.

“If it’s not a goal it’s a penalty. They’ve got that wrong, they spent so long looking at the offside they don’t see the foul. It was more of a penalty than the first penalty.”

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