Klopp says Liverpool only have themselves to blame for West Brom draw

Jurgen Klopp admitted Liverpool got what they deserved as the “sloppy” Reds threw away the chance of daylight at the top of the table.

The Champions were frustrated by West Brom tactics Klopp described as a 6-4-0 formation, and afterwards star defender Andy Robertson conceded: “Once you start going slack you get what you deserve.”

The Reds boss was spoken to by referee Kevin Friend, as his anger and frustration at Sam Allardyce’s tactics spilled over with some post-watershed commentary from the touchline.

But afterwards, he accepted his side were to blame for throwing away two points, when visiting defender Semi Ajayi levelled with a late header from a set piece.

“It was our own fault,” said Klopp.

Sadio Mane had given the Reds the lead

“It is a massive challenge when they have six at the back or whatever, but it is our fault and that is what we have to accept.

“The boys are more angry with themselves than anyone. We had enough situations but we didn’t play the right pass.

“I don’t think that anybody can expect that a team plays like West Brom tonight in first half, like a six-four or whatever it was.

“But everybody knows and feels we could and should have done better – it does feel like a defeat.

Ajayi’s header struck the post before crossing the line

“It’s an incredible challenge to stay active, to stay lively when you constantly face 10 men.

“To be fair West Brom did that. They did their job exactly 90 minutes. We were 1-0 up and didn’t change a little bit.

“West Brom deserve the point because we didn’t finish the game. We gave them easy, simple corners, too many.

“It was the only thing they had tonight and we gave it so that’s our fault.”

Klopp insisted though, dropping the points is “not the end of the world for Liverpool ” and he added: “Sam Allardyce is experienced and sets the team up like this and that is completely fine.

Andy Robertson also had no excuses

“It is not the first time we played against a deep block and usually we find the solutions for it.”

Robertson conceded that Liverpool – who had destroyed Crystal Palace in their last game – just weren’t at the races after their mini Christmas break, and he said: “They got what they deserved and we got what we deserved. Once you start going slack you get what you deserve.

“They came here with a game plan, they were happy with one-nil at half-time.

“When you come up against a Sam Allardyce team they want to stay in it as long as they can and take the once chance they get. And they did that.

Klopp says Liverpool only have themselves to blame

“Second half it was as if we didn’t want to do it again. Tried different things which wasn’t working. We all went slack. I think every one of us made a mistake in the second half which can’t happen.”

“It’s something we’ve got to learn from. Credit to West Brom for the way they played in second half.”

Klopp revealed that Joel Matip had an adductor muscle injury and he said: “Joel has felt something in his adductor, that is obviously not good.

“I don’t know how serious it is, just serious enough that he had to leave the pitch.”

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