Hollyoaks star Joe Tracini’s hard-hitting mental health message after 2020

Actor Joe Tracini has shared a powerful message with all those who struggled with their mental health in 2020.

Joe, 32, has been vocal in the past about battling “suicidal thoughts”, in June opening up about an episode during which he felt he wanted to take his own life.

Now the Hollyoaks star has filmed a video reaching out to those who’ve found 2020 tough, saying that he’s proud to have made it through the year.

He said to the camera: “Hi, hope you’re OK. I’m seeing a lot of people talking about their achievements this year in spite of everything.

“I’m setting me ‘well done, me’ bar at being not dead. That’s it.

Joe reached out to all those who’ve struggled with their mental health in 2020

“If you’ve done more than not die this year, that’s amazing, but you might not be like me.

“I was feeling sick about being alive when it was legal to breathe around other people, but now there’s just loads of reasons to kill myself, and in my brain, that’s an option. It’s like, I can either kill myself or go for a walk. I’m not gonna do either, but my brain puts them both on the same level, and that’s exhausting.

“If all you’ve done this year is not kill yourself, that’s enough, because this is the hardest time that it’s ever been for us to be alive.”

In June Joe expressed hope that his mental health battle with convince others to speak out and seek the help they need.

“I don’t like queuing to buy bread,” he told the camera, “It’s not on my list of comfortable things to do.

“Last week I went to a different shop for the first time that sold different things.

“That small amount of change on that day made me think I needed to kill myself.”

Joe urged people to reach out if struggling with their mental health

He continued: “This wasn’t my normal day to day living with suicidal thoughts, this was an instruction.”

And brave Joe ended the message but urging anyone with suicidal thoughts to not do it and to reach out.

“You will remember how it feels to feel something else,” he said, “and if you’ve got friends or family, tell one of them.”

The Samaritans is available 24/7 if you need to talk. You can contact them for free by calling 116 123, email [email protected] or head to the website to find your nearest branch. You matter.

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