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Most studies state that breakfast It is the most important meal of the day, however currently derived from the furor that has caused the popular method of intermittent fasting, many doubts have surfaced. However first thing’s first: the term breakfast refers to the first meal of the day and its name is based on the fact that human beings they don’t eat while they sleep, therefore when they get up first thing in the morning they are in “fast”. Thus have breakfast, is to break the fast for which we naturally pass by when we sleep.

So when a person practice intermittent fasting, the first meal you eat after hours of fasting established will be breakfast. However is practiced or not this method, it is a fact that breakfast is especially important when you are in a path focused on weight loss. So that various nutritionists They agree that consuming adbalanced and healthy breakfast, provides the necessary energy to start the day well, stimulates metabolism and prevent us from overeating.

However the secret to come back from breakfast you best slimming ally, is found in the quality and the balance of the foods that comprise it. Unfortunately, on many occasions there are different ways in which breakfast can do the opposite and therefore become a latent cause of weight gain. Know the main everyday mistakes who are making breakfast your worst enemy.

How does breakfast help to gain weight?

1. You don’t include protein in breakfast

In the last months all nutrition trends talk about the important role it plays proteins in the weightloss. What happens with the breakfast is that on many occasions without realizing it we tend to base them primarily on carbohydrates. To the replace carbohydrates and certain fats with proteins, a magnificent effect in the organism that reduces hunger hormone and increases the production of satiety hormones. So that have proteins of high biological value for breakfast leads to a significant reduction in appetite and is the main reason why proteins help lose weight, can make us eat fewer calories automatically throughout the day. Bet on the use of sources of lean proteins: like a banana with nut butter, nuts, Greek yogurt, eggs in any preparation, quinoa and oats.

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2. Eat sugary foods

It is well known that foods rich in added sugars are on the list of the worst and most harmful to health, therefore their consumption is one of the main causes of the appearance of various chronic diseases and of the obesity. One of the best recommendations Regarding breakfast, it is to avoid eating foods rich in sugars and fats after waking up, as it can affect the liver and of course alter blood glucose levels. Worst of all, these are usually foods with a high calorie content and a low nutritional intake, avoid the consumption of syrups, commercial juices, industrial pastries and sweetened yogurts. Opt for the intake of whole-grain foods they are the best ally for boost metabolism and fill you with energy, the best alternatives are berries, apples, high-fiber green smoothies,

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3. You only include carbohydrates

It is very normal that many people are used to having a breakfast commercial cereal bowl with some fruit and think that it was light and nutritious, However Is not always that way. What happens is that there are many breakfast products that shine for their carbohydrate content, which can not only generate a weight gain; will leave you hungry in no time. Consume too many carbohydrates can also cause an increase in blood sugar levels, it is therefore essential to choose the complex carbohydrate sources and avoid the simple ones, which end up causing glucose spikes and other alterations. Remember a good breakfast that provides health benefits and helps you lose weight, it must be an adequate mix of all the nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fiber and healthy fats.


4. You usually skip breakfast

When we want to lose weight from healthy and effective way, skipping breakfast is not a good idea. It’s a habit that can make you let’s overeat at lunch and dinner, therefore it tends to derive in the long run in weight gain. Many people report that they have little hunger or weather During the morning, the good news is that you don’t have to eat a huge breakfast; opt for a snack that fill the body with energy, an Apple, yogurt with red fruits and nuts or a couple of hard-boiled eggs with avocado. Other good recommendation is to prepare it at night to have a more control of what you eat and of course save time, on a busy day.

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5. You eat unbalanced breakfasts

One of the main mistakes What people do with breakfasts, is that they return them in a certain way monotonous and very unbalanced, the perfect combination of elements for cause overweight. For example, if you are only eating waffles with honey for breakfast, you will not only be missing protein and fiber, you will contribute many unnecessary calories to start the day. Have a meal that has a good balance of all nutrients, including protein, fiber, carbohydrates and fatYes, it is key to staying satisfied until lunch and performing on time at the morning activities, which are usually the ones that involve the most energy. Some good recommendations are: avocado toast with egg, bananas, walnuts and some low-fat milk, oatmeal with red berries and almonds, rye bread sandwich with low-fat cheese and leafy greens, yogurt with homemade granola and red berries.

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