VIDEO: “Canelo” Álvarez rides his Lamborghini in Guadalajara after beating Callum Smith | The State

VIDEO: “Canelo” Álvarez rides his Lamborghini in Guadalajara after beating Callum Smith

Saúl Álvarez is with his family enjoying the end of the year parties.

Steve Marcus / Getty Images

After the resounding unanimous decision victory against Callum Smith, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez took a vacation and took advantage of the festivities of this time to travel to Guadalajara Jalisco, and close the year as a family, there He was seen walking the streets aboard one of his luxurious cars.

The “Canelo” was caught by a fanatic of luxury cars who recorded a Lamborghini Aventador yellow that he found circulating in the street, but his surprise was capitalized when he saw that the driver was neither more nor less than the multi-champion boxer of the world, idol of the city of Guadalajara and of much of Mexico and the world.

The clip begins with an expression of amazement at the beauty of the vehicle “Ah, the beast …”, one of the people who is recording with the cell phone is heard saying. “Písale”, another yells at him to increase his speed and hear the engine roar, but they still did not know that the big surprise was yet to come since seconds later they discovered that the driver was the boxer. “It’s Canelo, dude!” says one and almost in unison repeat two “It’s the Canelo!”.

Later, the fans who circulated on motorcycles reached the car and took a closer video, although in the latter the boxer is no longer in the frame. According to the post, the cost of the vehicle is at least $ 595,000.

In their Instagram stories, the account that is dedicated to sharing images and videos of luxurious cars, promised that they will publish a special dedicated to “Canelo” this Sunday, December 27.


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