The symbol that Maradona’s daughters got tattooed as a tribute to their father and that they want you to have too | The State

The symbol that Maradona's daughters tattooed as a tribute to their father and that they want you to have too

Gianinna, Diego and Dalma Maradona.


This December 25, it was a month since the death of Diego Armando Maradona, therefore, his daughters Dalma and Gianinna They decided to pay him a tribute that they will wear on his skin forever.

Through Dalma’s Instagram stories, the daughters of the star shared a photo in which they revealed that they tattooed the “10” in parentheses that the “Pibe de Oro” added to his signature when he gave an autograph, and They invited the followers of Diego Armando Maradona to do the same, even promising that they would send the original design to whoever wrote to them with that intention.

Here is one of the tributes that we did with Giani and obvious We want to share it with you in case someone wants to do it with us. Let us know and we will pass the orginal! ”, Dalma published.

Without a doubt this is one of the most significant tributes that has been paid to him, because two of his daughters did it and because it could go viral; perhaps even become one of the most popular designs for football fans in 2021; in fact, there are already some who have requested it.


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