New Year’s Eve Snowstorm Will Hit 20 States With Severe Winds and Rain | The State

In some regions, up to 18 inches of snow will accumulate.

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A snowstorm in the northern United States will impact regions of at least 20 states, including northern NY.

However, its impact will not only be high snow accumulations – which in some cases will be up to 18 inches – but there will be strong winds and rain in other regions, including New Jersey and Connecticut, reported El Canal del clima.

States with areas that will be affected by snow are Washington, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, Michigan, Ohio, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

In some regions, such as the northern part of California, the phenomenon will begin this Sunday night, with heavy rains, gusts of wind and snow in the mountains.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, the storm will move to the center of the country with heavy snowfalls in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“Heavy rains are expected throughout the Mississippi River Valley, and Texas may have strong to severe thunderstorms.”, indicates the report.

It is added that, due to low temperatures, in some regions the rainwater will end up turning into ice.

The effects of the storm will continue until the following weekend, New Years Eve and New Years.

“Snowfall will also spread eastward into parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming on Monday,” the report said.

Since Friday, an eastern storm has impacted the New England region and upstate New York.


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