Christine McGuinness’ sly swipe at trolls who criticised kids’ Christmas dinner

Christine McGuinness took a sly swipe at the trolls who criticised her for feeding her children fish fingers and chips on Christmas Day – making it clear she doesn’t care what they think.

Yesterday, the stunning model and Real Housewives of Cheshire star took to Instagram to explain what she and husband Paddy McGuinness prepared for their children’s festive meal.

As the happy couple tucked into big Christmas dinners with all the trimmings, their three kids – twins Leo and Penelope, seven, and Felicity, four – enjoyed fish fingers and chips.

Christine, 32, explained that “autism doesn’t stop for Christmas day!”

She penned: “They like what they like and I want my children to eat so I choose my battles and I don’t want one today!

“For anyone who may not understand this, food aversion can be quite common for those with autism. This isn’t lazy parenting or fussy children, this is sensory issues due to their condition that limits what our children eat.”

Despite her very clear explanation, some trolls criticised her.

However, the blonde beauty has since made it clear she couldn’t care less.

Sharing a beautiful picture of herself working out, she wrote: “Happy Boxing Day! I hope every single one of you have had the loveliest Christmas with lots of family and festivities, all of us in the McGuinness house have”

Paddy and Christine tucking into their Christmas dinner

While remaining calm and composed, Christine made sure everyone knew that Christmas in the McGuinness household was a wonderful one.

Most of Christine’s fans praised her for talking so candidly about life with her autistic children, and parents who have children with similar conditions said they could totally relate.

One commented: “So nice to read this I needed to see this today sick of being called lazy or being told ‘leave it front of them if they r hungry they will eat”

The kids ate fish fingers and chips

X Factor winner Sam Bailey, who recently learned her son Tommy has autism, posted: “I know how you feel babe xx we do what we do to make life a bit easier x tommy has a special plate that separates his food.”

While one fan agreed: “It’s like the breast or bottle debate! In my mind Fed is Best! As long as they are eating it don’t matter if it’s caviar or cornflakes. “

Speaking further about her children, Christine added: “I am delighted they are very slowly exploring new textures. I’m just happy they eat because there have been times they totally refuse.

“It may be basic and it’s still all beige but they’re happy and their tummies are full

“For anyone with autistic children this Christmas.. I hope you had a calm day, I feel your exhaustion and I hear your sigh of relief that the Christmas period is almost over”

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