Drivers of Ventaneando get scared during the program’s Christmas dinner | The State

In itself, TV Azteca for a few days became a topic of conversation because, regardless of the pandemic, the television station He celebrated his traditional New Year’s Eve dinner gathering all his talent.

It was even the same owner of the television station, who shared from his Twitter account the video of a long table where the headlines of the main programs were seated at his sides, living together without measures of healthy distance.

On this occasion they again gave something to talk about, because in the traditional bohemian Christmas event of Ventaneando, an event was raised that unleashed the panic of those present, since it could end in tragedy.

It turns out that a Margaret Gralia, one of the personalities invited to the special broadcast, celebrated his birthday during the program. And when they gave way to blow out the candle on their cake, Pati chapoy He asked him to try to put it out with a spoon, due to coronavirus issues, which was a bad idea.

The fire not only did not go out, but it began to fan so that they ended up blowing it until they managed to put it out. Fortunately, he was only left in a fright, which they all had to take with humor.

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