Christian Nodal’s sister surprised by her resemblance to Belinda | The State

Little is known of the family of Christian nodal, but recently her younger sister gave something to talk about. Despite not being a public figure and not being very active in networks, she managed to capture the spotlight because of the great resemblance she has with a famous person very close to her.

Amely Nodal She is 18 years old and although on Instagram she maintains her private account and with few publications, it is her followers who managed to collect the photographs that have impacted by having a physical appearance very similar to that of her sister-in-law Belinda.

“Does she look a bit like Beli here, doesn’t she?”

And the fact is that the two have a unique beauty, with very bright eyes, in addition to the fact that the tone of their hair looks very similar, that is why their fans are reminded of the singer’s features with hers, and that the only thing the difference is age.

As if that were not enough, Nodal’s sister also inherited musical talent coming from a family deep in the industry, since there are materials where her taste for singing and interpreting is reflected, so you have to follow her closely in case one of those gives us the surprise.

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