Chris Evans publishes a video of his hidden talent and his fans are very pleased | The State

Definitely, Chris Evans He causes a furor with each of his posts on social networks, either for the announcement of a new project or simply posing very handsome for the camera, but this time he shared a video through his InstaStories and, apparently, he surprised his fans , since he was seen in a way that very few knew him and this caused his Trending Topic on Twitter.

It is a clip where he appears next to his piano playing a piece of music to dedicate a “happy and healthy 2021” to everyone; what unleashed tenderness in the network and his followers decided to make it a trend.

“If Captain America / Chris Evans wants us to have a happy and healthy New Year, he will we have it “,” Chris Evans playing the piano and wishing happy holidays has to be declared one of the best things of 2020 “, were some of the reactions of his fans.

It is worth mentioning that Chris He was quarantined with his brother Scott and they have shown their fans the funniest sides of that relationship.

And he will surely continue to give something to talk about, because among his next projects is one of the most anticipated films, a spin-off of “Toy Story” focused on Buzz Lightyear.

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