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The second stimulus check could be submitted as direct deposit, on paper, or as an EIP card.

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Lawmakers already approved a $ 900 billion stimulus package this week that includes a second $ 600 stimulus check.But President Trump said this money is not enough, and that he would like politicians to negotiate more to deliver a $ 2,000 stimulus check.

Although they have not yet reached an agreement, if one is approved, it is possible to know who will receive the money until the last based on the delivery schedule of the first stimulus check.

In this way, we can deduce that the people who could get their money from the second stimulus check to the last would be the ones who get EIP cards, instead of direct deposits or paper checks.

EIPs are Visa debit cards that the IRS mailed to roughly 4 million people in mid-May upon issuing the first stimulus check, as reported by CNet.

If the IRS follows the same payment priority order, this group could start to see their payment start to come in a month after the first direct deposit transfers are made, which would make them the last group to receive the money.

As with paper checks, the IRS could process 5 to 7 million EIP cards a week. With the first stimulus check, payments came in unmarked envelopes, making it difficult to identify the recipient, but also reducing the likelihood that they would be stolen by mail fraud.

It is not clear if the IRS will maintain the same EIP card delivery schedule if the second stimulus check is issued, but there is a real chance that it will.

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