So you can hide your profile picture from your contacts on WhatsApp | The State

One of the things developers worry about the most WhatsApp is the security and privacy of users, Therefore, in each update they integrate certain elements with which you can apply certain restrictions to certain contacts.

One of them is precisely that WhatsApp already allows you to hide your profile picture from certain people that you may consider are not very close to you.

For this, there are different ways to do it.

The first is the most restrictive and consists of blocking that contact on WhatsApp. To do this you must go to Menu, choose the More option and then Block. Thus, that person will not be able to see neither the image nor our state.

The problem is that with this action, you will no longer be able to communicate with this contact and it may not be what you want.

The simplest option that may be temporary is opening WhatsApp, then you go to the settings and there you choose Account and then Privacy; there you touch the profile photo and it will give you some options, where you must choose Nobody, and thus your profile photo will be hidden.


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