PHOTOS: Chapo’s wife, Emma Coronel shares an image of a “nude” on social networks | The State

PHOTOS: Chapo's wife, Emma Coronel shares an image of a “nude” on social networks

Emma Coronel has attended several “El Chapo” hearings in New York.

TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images

The wife of the drug lord Joaquín El Chapo Guzman, former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), Emma colonel drove everyone crazy with the image of a nude, but do not be wrong, it is not a photograph of her naked, if not in a way that is called a type to neckline that reaches the back low and that he carried in a dress of girlfriend.

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This image was shared on social networks, and in a matter of moments it went viral, because in it Emma colonel carries a wedding dress, although not to marry, since everything indicates that he resumed his role as a model, by showing the image of a wedding suit with a nude also know as deep neckline, a cut that reaches the lower back and sometimes below the waist. Its usual shape is shaped like a “U” or “V”, which is why it is considered sensual and sophisticated as it greatly stylizes the dresses for women who are about to get married.

Along with the photographs, the former beauty queen wrote: “Campaign girlfriend 2021”, “Lumaran Salón”, and also tagged the profiles involved in taking the photographs, makeup and hairstyle.

This is the fifth image that Emma Colonel post on your wall Instagram then he deleted all his publications due to the rumors that had with each of the images he shared, including one referring to the tunnel through which he would supposedly escape again El Chapo Guzmán when he was still awaiting sentencing in New York.

Despite constantly sharing photos on Instagram Stories, his formal return to the wall of said social network, occurred after last January 26, 2020 he posted two images in which he appeared skiing, on that occasion it was said that they were taken in Colorado when he took his twin daughters to visit the Chapo Guzman to the maximum security prison where he is being held.

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