Jwan Yosef to Ricky Martin: “Happy Birthday my soul” | The State

Ricky Martin He received the Christmas Eve and his 49 years in his beloved Puerto Rico. Together with her children, family, friends and her husband, Jwan yosef, the Puerto Rican star was pleasantly surprised.

What? Your partner’s loving birthday message. Showing off his artistic talents, he shared on Instagram a very original photograph of both with a message full of love: “The man of my dreams and the father of my children, happy birthday my soul”Jwan wrote.

To which the honoree did not take long to respond, in the comments of the post, with a laughing smiley at the photo and a: “I love you Jwano”.

The love story between Ricky and Jwan already has more than 5 years of happiness, and it began when the singer was looking to buy art and reached her now husband. For almost a year they had only written and very formal conversations.

But the day they finally met, Ricky knew that he was facing the love of his life and he was not wrong. A year after that first meeting, they got engaged, and now they are happily married. Has two children, Lucy and Renn, who join the singer’s twins, Matteo and Valentino, who love Jwan like his father too.

Ricky is resting in Puerto Rico, after months locked in his home in Los Angeles, due to the pandemic. Like every year, he seeks to spend his birthday and parties on the Island of Enchantment with his loved ones.


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