It’s a white Christmas in Britain

However, storm Bella is already rushing to replace the snow.

White Christmas has finally arrived in the UK, according to the BBC. From 24 to 25 December, as forecasters promised, snow fell in several parts of the country – from Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to Yorkshire and Northumberland. The UK Met Office reported the good news at 6am.

At the same time, the Midlands and parts of Wales experienced heavy rains and floods. The South Wales Rescue Service received over 500 calls for help in a day. Northamptonshire police said emergency services had evacuated over 1,000 people from Billing Aquadrome on the evening of December 24. In some places, the water rose up to one and a half meters; local residents were evacuated to the temporary accommodation center.

Storm Bella will hit the country on December 26, The Guardian reports. Forecasters warn of an increase in wind up to 112 km / h. In England, Wales and southern Scotland, authorities are preparing to declare a yellow weather hazard. Flooding has been declared in 90 districts in England and 16 districts in Wales, the Environmental Protection Agency (EA) said.

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