He bet his wife, they allow her to be raped and throws acid at her for refusing The State

A terrible act of violence against women occurred a few weeks ago in India, where a man did something incredible against his wife.

According to the information released by the newspaper The Free Press Journal, a 30-year-old woman went to the authorities to file a complaint against her husband, after this She bet her on a game of chance and when she lost, she allowed her friends to gang rape her, but when she resisted, her husband threw acid at her for disregarding her order.

According to the police report, the defendant agreed with his friends that he would hand over his wife to them for a whole month, but after having gone with them a couple of times, the woman refused and it was when her husband attacked her against.

The victim suffered various burns and her in-laws kept her locked up in their house so that no one would know the truth, where they gave her the medical attention she required due to her injuries.

Finally, the woman managed to escape and came to her parents’ house to take refuge, who immediately took her to the police.

The husband was arrested and the investigation is being carried out to also catch those who abused this woman and thus sentence them.


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