Esperanza Gómez tears off her skirt on the edge of her Christmas tree and shows her entire thong | The State

The sensual porn actress Esperanza Gomez He no longer knows of modesty and only uploads daring content to his Instagram account that literally “raises the hornet’s nest” and leaves many with a racing heart.

On this occasion, the Colombian was exposed by stripping off her entire Christmas skirt, as she tore it off and gave an anatomy class, after almost being like God brought her into the world.

“The first Christmas gift has arrived … Many kisses and a merry Christmas for you and your whole family,” reads the description of its publication not suitable for the heart.

Esperanza allowed her fans to appreciate in detail her shapely rear and her slim figure, as well as surprising them with her creativity by dancing while she ripped off her clothes. The compliments began immediately.

“Oh Esperancita, bring me all that little gift here”, “Oh what a mamacita, beautiful, divine, precious, beautiful and rich, I want to meet you”, are just some comments that her followers made, although little by little they were rising from tone.

There is no doubt that if anyone knows how to cause a stir just by uploading this type of material, it is Esperanza, because in a few hours, the video almost reaches 100,000 views.

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