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Dulce María advised Alexa Martin, her replacement on Telemundo's “Falsa Identidad”

Sweet Maria.

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Alexa martin replaces Sweet Maria in her role as attorney “Victoria Lamas” in the telenovela “Falsa Identidad” (Telemundo), on air in the United States. And the change is justified in the plot thanks to a cosmetic surgery operation.

“‘ Victoria ’has been fighting for a long time to do justice and end the white slave trade. She wants to infiltrate to end this, it is the only way that she is going to get the tests herself, but for that she has to undergo a face change surgery, because so that they cannot recognize her ”.

Fortunately, Alexa got to know the former RBD virtually, a few days before she gave birth to her daughter María Paula, and they shared a mother talk.

“I had the opportunity to talk to her until the project was finished. I would have loved to be able to talk with her before, but the truth is that due to the pandemic, times, she was recording when I was recording, so the truth is that there was no opportunity to do so, but in the end we did have time to be able to talk, and when we spoke (she) was a few days before her baby arrived and we talked about how complicated it was.

“I was lucky that when I was pregnant there was no pandemic. It was her turn that way and I imagine it must have been very difficult, with many fears and nerves, and as she told me, without being able to see many people that she would have liked to see or make celebrations that she would have liked to do.

But she is happy. What I was telling him is that in the end what matters is that that baby comes, is healthy and if you have to take those measures, then no way ”.

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