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3 products that you should never buy

Some products are better to buy used, and others you should just ignore.

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Now that the New Year is approaching, surely one of your resolutions will be to save more money. For this, you will need to stop spending it on products that are really not worth that much. So to help you with this, below, we share three articles that you simply should pass up.

1 – New cars

It is not very advisable to buy a new car, since your finances would suffer. Remember that agency cars depreciate 20% in the first 12 months of purchase and approximately 10% in each of the four subsequent years, as reported in Money Talks News.

It is best to find a reliable, used vehicle that has excellent safety ratings and has decent gas mileage.

2 – Paper towels

Although they appear to be very inexpensive, they actually turn out to be very expensive in the long run.
Suppose you buy paper towels at the sale price of $ 1 per roll. If you use two rolls per week, which is a very realistic estimate, you will spend $ 110 a year.

The best thing is that you opt for hand towels, since you only have to wash them to use them again and again.

3 – Disposable wipes

Adult wipes are marketed as a better product than toilet paper. However, In addition to being much more expensive than traditional toilet paper, these “disposable” wipes are not biodegradable and wreak havoc on plumbing and sewer systems.

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