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3 dental diseases that you can transmit through kissing

More than 80 million bacteria live in our mouth.

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The kisses They are one of the purest acts with which you can show love to your partner or loved ones; However, they can become dangerous if you do not have proper oral hygiene, since these they could be disease transmitters.

Experts in dentistry point out that there are diseases that can be transmitted through kissing, especially through saliva, due to the load of bacteria that it contains.

These are oral diseases that can be transmitted through kissing.


Tooth decay occurs due to the accumulation of bacteria and poor oral hygiene, which can reach our mouths after kissing us, since the infected saliva is shared.


This disease attacks the gums and can cause periodontitis. It starts with redness, inflammation, bleeding gums and if not taken care of, it can wear down the roots of the teeth, causing them to fall out.

Meningococcal disease

This disease is caused by a serious bacterial infection and affects the cerebral meninges and produces inflammation in them, which is considered relatively rare and some studies indicate that the transmission of infected saliva, through a kiss, can contribute to control it.


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