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So your chicken doesn't get cold: KFC launches a console to keep it warm dedicated to gamers

Intel’s KFConsole will be able to reproduce 4K quality graphics.

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Kentucky fried chicken announced the arrival of the KFConsole, a machine video game you will be able to have 4K quality graphics and a special place to keep the chicken pieces warm while you are playing.

Mark Walton, public relations representative of Intel, was the one who presented the new console on Wednesday through his Twitter account. Walton assured video game players that the KFC console is real and not a joke.

The new console arrives at the moment when the Playstation 5 and the Xbox series x and S they are exhausted. The casing of the KFConsole was made by the company Cooler Master and it has a patented chamber that keeps chicken pieces warm, plus it features two 1TB Seagate BarraCuda solid state drives.

“Never risk letting your chicken cool again thanks to this patented Chicken Chamber system,” the description reads.

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The console uses the heat and ventilation systems “so you can focus on the game and the console keeps the chicken crispy between rounds,” the ad says. So far the date on which it will be available or the price at which it will go on the market is unknown KFConsole.

Fried Chicken Smell Marketing

KFC released in 2919 a video game on Steam called I Love You Colonel Sanders Dating Simulator Game. Marketing campaigns that KFC has made include also a computer keyboard and a mouse of chicken pieces, a sunscreen, a nail polish and a pair of shoes Crocs all with the smell of fried chicken.

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