There are already 34 candidates for mayor of New York; Andrew Yang filled out the forms | The State

There are already 34 candidates for mayor of New York; Andrew Yang filled out the forms

Great challenges await the next municipal leader

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Although he has been leading slightly in recent NYC mayoral polls, it was yesterday that former presidential candidate Andrew Yang filled out the papers putting him on track to participate in the June 22 Democratic primaries.

This was confirmed yesterday by the city’s Campaign Finance Board (NYCCFB). But a representative of the businessman and philanthropist said that will decide whether to proceed after January 1. “This is just a matter of procedure,” the unnamed spokesperson commented, quoted by New York Post.

On the eve, Tuesday Yang met Reverend Al Sharpton, one of the most influential African American political activists in the city.

Yang, born in Schenectady (NY) to Taiwanese immigrants and who will turn 46 in January, obtained 17% in the Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll released on Monday 21. In a close second (16%) was the president from Brooklyn County, Eric Adams.

A caravan of Democratic politicians have announced their desire to be the next mayor of NYC, considered the second most important elected office in the US behind the presidency. But the race is just beginning, for around the 40% of respondents said they weren’t sure who they would support, and the poll left out several declared or potential candidates, including Max Rose, who was just defeated in November in his seat in the National Capitol.

The updated list of 34 pre-candidates for mayor of New York can be found here.


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