Niurka Marcos reveals that she had a lesbian experience and she did not dislike it! | The State

Every what Niurka Marcos Open Your Mouth lives up to her nickname “The Scandal Woman” and now she assured that she had an intimate experience with a woman.

It was in an interview with journalist Edén Dorantes that the Cuban commented that a friend gave her a mouth suction that left her with a square eye.

I had a lesbian experience because a friend licked my mouth, she did not grow up because she was very drunk, I said no. not drunk. but I lived that experience, he licked my mouth and I said wow. Could it be that he had the horny thing turned on?He commented.

And although she does not mince words, the star decided to keep the identity of the woman who tried to seduce her anonymous, but she assured that she was a person from the middle of the show.

“Well, it is in the middle. She caught me by surprise, but I’m not going to say anything, first because it didn’t happen, and secondly because I have to ask her permission, it’s not going to be, poor girl, it’s not her fault that I’m so uninhibited but I did have a lesbian experience and it didn’t scare me, nor did I dislike itHe added.

Watch the video at minute 5:00


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