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For those who miss Mexico: This is the origin of the unique Christmas romeritos

Accessible, generous, vegetarian and very original, romeritos are one of the most traditional dishes in Mexico.

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If for something the Mexican culture, is for his unbeatable gastronomy that includes the use of prehispanic ingredients and very typical, with the most traditional techniques cooking. The result is undoubted, a kitchen of immense variety, succulent, full of colors and flavors, not in vain everyone who I do not reside in Mexico; can easily reach miss the food more than the same family. That is why in Mexico the celebrations of any kindare always accompanied by more succulent dishes. And Christmas is no exception. While there are many delicacies with which a traditional Mexican Christmas table is dressed, the romeritos They are the star of the night.

The first you should know is that the romeritos are made with a plant called “Quelite”, this peculiar word is derived from the Nahuatl wordquilitl” what does it mean edible herb and it is the fundamental ingredient of this unforgettable Mexican stew. To be more precise the romeritos (Suaeda torreyana), belong to the quelites family like other herb variants as the quintoniles, epazote, purslane, huazontle and watercress.

A little history:

From the prehispanic era the romeritos were consumed and highly valued. To such an extent that they were an important part of the diet of the aztecs, who since then considered themselves highly nutritious. In fact in those days they used to cook them with ahuautles, which are the edible eggs of a water fly who lives near the lakes.

History tells that this iconic mexican dish arose after the spanish conquest. Like many of the most popular recipes gastronomy in Mexico, believe it or not they had their origin in convents. Despite the economic deficiencies that lived in convents, nuns were always innovating and creating delicacies In the kitchen, that’s how the romeritos arose. The idea was to create a cheap and delicious dish With the ingredients they had on hand, the result was a very famous dish that they called “jumble.” This term refers to the mixture of Mexican ingredients with European, among which stand out the potatoes, nopales, walnuts, peanuts and of course Quellites! The final addition that ended with finishing touch such an exquisite recipe, it was the traditional mole.

It is believed that tradition of eating romeritos in the Christmas parties of the mexican homes, became popular so accessible and economic of the recipe. Although many believe that this custom was easily integrated, being a dish without beef which also fit perfectly with the catholic celebration of lent and therefore Christmas.

Without a doubt the romeritos are a very mexican dish, that you will not find anywhere else in the world. The quelites occur in various regions of the Mexican republic especially in the center of the country, particularly in communities such as San Andrés Mixquic, San Nicolás Tetelco and San Juan Ixtayopan, and San Gregorio Atlapulco, in Xochimilco. This is largely why they are so accessible for any pocket and due to the areas in which they are produced, they are widely consumed in Mexico City.

It is currently very common prepare the romeritos with pipián and you also have the option of accompanying them with dried shrimp cakes. Although there will always be the alternative of make them 100% vegetarian, the best of all is that romeritos are not only deliciousThey are very nutritious. They are rich in folic acid, vitamin A and C, calcium and fiber, nutrients that benefit the digestive, intestinal and immune system. In such a way that they are a dish that cannot be missedThey are inexpensive compared to other types of recipes and one of the few preparations of completely Mexican origin. Do you dare to prepare them?


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