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Costco restricts dessert sales and

Resellers tripled the price of the cakes after Costco limited their sale to members.

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Clients of a Costco from Ciudad Juárez in Mexico beat each other after registering a demonstration because the store restricted the bake sale.

According to El Diario de Juárez, the Costco branch only allowed the purchase of two cakes per member which annoyed customers who buy wholesale products and are dedicated to marketing the cakes in their localities.

Several are the videos on social networks that show how a group of protesters arrived at the Costco branch of the border city to complain about the restriction and complain to another group of buyers for carrying more than two cakes in your shopping cart. The confrontation came to register pushing, screaming and even hitting. At least 10 security agents and two police patrols intervened to separate people from the brawl.

The fight is viralized in social networks and was baptized as “The Pastry War“. According The Juarez Journal a store representative agreed with customers that they would be sold until five cakes per member and not limit the visit of customers per day.

“The war of cakes” caused that a day later the cake resellers they almost tripled their price on social networks to offer them in $ 40 dollars when its price in the branch of Costco is less than $ 15 dollars.

In the days leading up to Good night Several Costco branches in Mexico have logged long lines for Christmas shopping.

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