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The Democratic Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, Steny Hoyer, tried unsuccessfully to get Republicans to “consent” to a change in the stimulus bill already passed in Congress.

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Following the Republican blockade of the Democrats’ initiative to increase the stimulus checks for $ 2,000 at the request of the outgoing president Donald trump, House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, announced that his delegation will resume the discussion next Monday to approve an independent law to increase payments.

That same day is the deadline for the president to sign or veto the new stimulus law that is tied to the spending bill to avoid a federal government shutdown.

“On the morning of this Christmas Eve, Republicans in the House of Representatives cruelly deprived Americans of the $ 2,000 checks that Trump agreed to support. If the president is serious about direct payments of $ 2,000, he should call on Republicans in the House to stop the obstruction, “Pelosi said in written statements Thursday.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives added: “On Monday, I will bring the House back into session where we will conduct a recorded vote on a specific law to increase the economic impact payments to $ 2,000.”

With what happened in the United States Congress on Thursday, the future of the new $ 900 billion stimulus plan is uncertain as chaos persists in the Legislature and the possibility that millions of Americans affected by the coronavirus will receive more economic aid soon it is more and more distant.

It’s also not clear at this time whether the president will sign or veto before the deadline the $ 900 billion bill with bipartisan support that lawmakers in Washington, DC, finally approved Monday.

The Republican traveled Wednesday to his golf club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where the Christmas holiday weekend is expected to pass, and has made no new statements on the matter after sharing a video on Tuesday on Twitter in which he asks Congress to adjust the law to increase checks from $ 600 to $ 2,000.

Scenario 1: Trump signs the already passed stimulus bill

Despite the above, Pelosi bets that the president will reconsider and sign the package already approved before Monday in view of the serious economic situation faced by millions of American families, the fear of a new government shutdown, and the short period for let the year end.

If Trump does not sign the package that was approved in both houses, by December 28, some agencies of the federal government will have to close, and Americans impacted by the coronavirus pandemic will have to wait even longer for new federal incentives.

Scenario 2: Trump veto the stimulus package

If Trump does not sign the law soon, the least advisable thing would happen: that the president veto the bill.

The president has the ability to prevent the entry into force of a law through this mechanism. In that sense, Trump can veto the law immediately or resort to a pocket veto, which means that any law that has not been signed by the president before Congress recesses on January 3, will be automatically vetoed.

Presidents have 10 days to sign legislation passed in Congress; but, if they do not do so and the Legislature is in recess, the measure in question is automatically vetoed.

Scenario 3: Congress could override the veto

In the event of the foregoing, members of Congress have the option of overriding the veto, with a greater chance of doing so if Trump immediately scraps the law.

If support for the bipartisan legislation passed Monday remains the same, Congress could proceed with that mechanism.

At the moment, there is enough legislative support to override a direct veto. As of the beginning of the week, 92 senators and 359 representatives voted in favor of the new stimulus plan, far exceeding the 2/3 majority required in both houses to declare a presidential veto invalid.

If Republicans change their minds and ally with Trump, a new stimulus package would most likely only be possible under the Incoming administration of Democrat Joe Biden.


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