Tisca Chopra: More female actors are becoming brave in their choices, realising they’re not sex toys anymore

There is a lot of talk in the past few years about how things are changing for female actors in Bollywood in terms of roles as well as pay structure. While Tisca Chopra agrees that things are shifting, she feels there’s still a long way to go.

“Certainly a shift is happening. Has it happened? I don’t think it has happened. It is going to happen. We are in the cusp of change. I am seeing a lot more actresses become braver in their choices of role and the choices of having babies. It is like life goes on, you (realize) you are not here as a sex toy anymore and I think that is the conversation that we need to have,” shares Chopra.

Sharing her thoughts about if Bollywood is ageist when it comes to female actors, she says, “I see male actors, too, get worried about effects of gravity.”

Chopra, who has directed and starred in a short film Rubaru, recently which is about an ageing female star, feels that as a society, we are “quite ageist over all.


“In the entertainment industry, you talk to women, we see women and they say woh toh aisa hi hota hain. We are guilty of it ourselves, we need to bring this topic out of the closet and give it a bit of air. We need to start talking about it, confront those issues and overcome it,” the actor explains.

The 47-year-old says while she did take her own experiences as a female actor for the short film, she says it is something that everyone deals with, not just her.

“Gravity kisi ki dost nahi hain. Each one of us has to go through it. There are younger people edging you out . It is everywhere. Everyone fears that and thinks about how one would continue to be relevant. That took me to a whole new direction to understand how we are consuming female actors in India. Are we using them only for their youth and sexuality, is that it? And that started a whole discussion in my head and the script emerged,” she concludes.

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