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Mitch McConnell also didn't look good with Trump's call for a $ 2,000 check

The stimulus check issue separates President Donald Trump and the top Republican leader in Congress, Mitch McConnell.

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Senate Republican Majority Speaker Mitch McConnell, is another of those who has been shorn with the location of the outgoing president Donald trump for stimulus checks $ 2,000 minimums instead of $ 600.

McConnell, the most influential leader of the Republicans in that legislative body, was until last week one of the main obstacles to new direct payments for Americans affected by the pandemic.

For months, the senator insisted on a $ 500 billion project without stimulus checks.

Before the elections, when Trump said he was willing to approve a $ 1.8 trillion package, the divisions between the two leaders were already evident. McConnell did not lower his expectations for a package greater than $ 500 billion and no money transfers through a second round of payments.

But now the move by the outgoing president represents a new headache and more pressure for the senator, who finally gave in to the new economic package with stimulus checks of $ 600 plus $ 300 weekly unemployment benefits for Christmas.

Second-round impact in Georgia?

Not only does Trump’s appointment put McConnell between a rock and a hard place, but also the candidates for Senate reelection from Georgia, who will face their Democratic rivals in a runoff on January 5 to see which delegation will monopolize that. legislative body. Both Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue favor minor money transfers to Americans as part of a second round.

At the moment, McConnell has not spoken about the video shared by Trump on Twitter this Tuesday in which he labels the payments approved under the new economic rescue plan as “ridiculously low”.

Democrats willing to pass $ 2,000 check amendment… what about the Senate?

However, Democratic leaders have already called on McConnell to act in accordance with the request of his superior Trump.

Democrats opened the door for passage of an amendment this week to increase the minimum amount per stimulus check to $ 2,000. But even when the majority in the House gives way to the change, senators are also required to endorse the increase for it to be approved before it receives the president’s signature.

McConnell is not the only supporter of the Trump Administration affected in terms of public opinion by the call of the president, who refuses to sign the stimulus legislation passed in both legislative bodies until the required changes are included.

Secretary of the Treasury Department Steven Mnuchin it did not do well either with the public offering of the magnate. Basically, Mnuchin was invalidated to negotiate on behalf of the current Administration since the initial offer of the $ 600 from the White House was publicly launched by him. Although supposedly, Mnuchin speaks on behalf of the White House and its tenant; Yesterday, the president appeared to boycott the official’s efforts when he pushed for the $ 2,000 figure. At the moment, the Treasury chief has not commented on Trump’s recent proposal.


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