Juan Osorio reappears and publishes image with oxygen tank after testing positive for COVID-19 | The State

Juan Osorio continues to fight a battle against the coronavirus.

The soap opera producer has had to resort to an oxygen tank to breathe better due to the illness he contracted earlier this month.

In social networks he shared a photo in which he appears wearing a plastic mask attached to the tank; in his post he mentioned how hard the virus has felt: “Banda, I thought it thundered me, but life gives me another chance; Take care. This cannon is ugly. I love you so much“Says the text.

A few weeks ago it was confirmed in a television program that Niurka Marcos’ ex-husband had tested positive for COVID-19, but no further details were given about it, and the person himself did not mention it officially until now.

Some of his relatives, such as actor Gerardo Quiroz, have mentioned in interviews that Osorio’s health has deteriorated due to the virus, and that, although he was stable, he needed the oxygen tank to evolve favorably.


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