“Discussions with my parents”: the favorite family of Quebecers!

Several Quebecers would surely have wanted to be invited to wake up at the Morency’s! A few hours before Christmas, the results of a complicated, but happy year, with three of the members of the most popular family in Quebec today, the little clan of Discussions with my parents.

For three years now, the public has been following the sympathetic slices of the life of François (François Morency), his endearing parents Rollande (Marie-Ginette Guay) and Jean-Pierre (Vincent Bilodeau), his brother Raynald (Blaise Tardif) and his sister Judith ( Caroline Bouchard) on Monday evening at ICI Télé.

Far from running out of steam, the concept continues to gain followers; this autumn, Discussions with my parents attracted an average of 1,165,000 viewers each week who were happy to witness the pipe draws of Morency parents and offspring. A fourth season, already in writing, is confirmed for 2021.

“Discussions with my parents”: the favorite family of Quebecers!

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Heirs of The little life

Unifying, comedy has even been compared here and there to The little life in his prime. A success that amazed even François Morency, who recalls that the idea of Discussions with my parents First born from a simple Facebook status, which became a book (in 2017), then the series we know.

“The comments, the ratings … There is an enthusiasm around the show that is beyond me a bit,” admits an emotional François Morency. Every Monday evening, after

The show, I get a ton of posts on Facebook, and one of the most recurring comments is how good that half hour of pure good humor does the world. The other series that go strong have heavier content; it’s more “heavy,” heartbreaking, although that doesn’t detract from their great quality. “

“Also, I hadn’t suspected the multigenerational aspect of the ‘show’; a 10 year old boy recently wrote to tell me that he watches the show with his teenage sisters, parents in their forties and grandparents in their late sixties. Many mothers tell me that this is the one time in the week that their teens leave their “goddamn video games” to listen to something with them. This generational sharing, I am really amazed. It warms my heart, ”adds the comedian, whose other TV project, Open the quotes, was put on ice during the pandemic.


Despite marked filming, last summer, by compliance with sanitary measures, meetings limited to 15 minutes per day, hours of solo dinner and plexiglass that separated the actors during their scenes, Marie-Ginette Guay and Vincent Bilodeau They also especially retain the pleasure of taking part in such a positive adventure.

“Vincent (Jean-Pierre) is the grumpy guy, I whine a bit after him … (laughs) All that, in a climate of love. We feel that the characters can send each other little spades, but that they love each other. Small spikes are not dangerous! ”Slips Marie-Ginette Guay.

“As soon as I step outside, people tell me that I make them think of their father,” adds Vincent Bilodeau. From the start of first year, I would get stopped and complimented at the grocery store. We appreciate it; we are kind of part of people’s families. From the start, with the whole team, we’ve been very, very close; They’re an amazing team, and this year we’ve become even more of a big family! ”

Danielle Copper

If, in 2020, the character of François explored the engagement in love with a new partner, Stéphanie (Leila Thibeault Louchem), a businesswoman much richer than him, 2021 will also bring its share of surprises in Discussions with my parents.

Rollande, among others, could meet his biggest idol, author Danielle Cuivre. A perspective that enchants its interpreter!

“François launched this idea,” ignites Marie-Ginette Guay. It would be very funny!

François is seasoning us with more and more absurd stuff, incredible situations, he makes us mess around, and it’s very pleasant! “

Their 2020 TV favorites

François Morency: “I did some catching up. I watched stuff that I hadn’t seen, or only half of it. I realized, looking at him, that I hadn’t really seen The invincibles. I really liked it! I wrote to Rémi-Pierre Paquin to congratulate him. It still aged well, it was well written and well done. “

Marie-Ginette Guay: “Apart Discussions with my parents, of course (laughs), the series Brittle was really very good. This is how i love you, too. We make good television, very diverse, of all genres. “

Vincent Bilodeau: “I watched TV a bit, but not that much. I’ve listened to a few shows … on Netflix, to put it mildly (laughs). The Queen’s Gambit, Chernobyl, The Crown… Also, I would have loved to play in This is how i love you, and I admit I lack cinema and theater! “

Their plans for Christmas

François Morency: “All the other holidays that were canceled didn’t bother me so much, including my own party, which I often don’t celebrate. But Christmas, for me, has real meaning, much more than New Year’s Day. Not being with my brothers, the family, I find it more difficult. I invited my sister over to our house on the 25th. We’re going to have little “parties” and FaceTime to say hello to each other. “

Marie-Ginette Guay: “I am planning to meet outside. With the family, we’re going to do things outside, go for walks. We are going to make 5 to 7 and Zoom. It’s difficult, but we’ll follow the instructions, because we don’t want to be sick. “

Vincent Bilodeau: “It will be a more intimate pleasure than usual. Normally, at my place, we always have about thirty people and we pile on our feet. This year, it won’t be that. We won’t see our children. It’s going to be Skype, Zoom … It’s going to be very, very intimate. We’re going to be even happier to see each other next year! “

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