Death of Diego Maradona: new expert appraisal results published, no traces of alcohol or drugs

Buenos Aires | Football legend Diego Maradona, who died Nov. 25 at the age of 60, suffered from kidney, cardiovascular and liver problems, but had not recently consumed alcohol or narcotics, according to an expert report released overnight Tuesday through Wednesday.

This complementary analysis to the autopsy was carried out by the public prosecutor’s office of San Isidro (east) to ensure that no negligence or recklessness was committed in the care provided to the Argentine idol of Naples, while his surgeon is the subject of an investigation for manslaughter.

The document released by the prosecution said Maradona suffered from cirrhosis, kidney failure and problems, as well as numerous heart and arterial disorders.

No trace of alcohol or drugs was detected in the blood or urine of the winner of the 1986 World Cup. Toxicological analyzes, however, revealed the presence in his body of several traces of drugs, including an antidepressant. .

“What appears is as important as what does not appear in these lab tests. At first glance, they confirm that Maradona received psychotropic drugs, but no medication for her heart problems, “said one of the investigators with the Telam agency.

The autopsy performed on the day of the former footballer’s death concluded that “acute pulmonary edema”, “chronic heart failure” and “cardiomyopathy” had caused his death.

The results of the post-autopsy analyzes have been published as the causes of death of the Argentinian idol in Naples are still the subject of heated debate. His surgeon Leopoldo Luque and his psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov are notably in the sights of justice.

Accused by three of Maradona’s daughters for his handling of their father’s heart problems, Luque, who had operated on Maradona for a brain hematoma three weeks before his death, defended himself in late November.

“Do you want to know what I’m responsible for?” For loving him, for taking care of him, for extending his life, for improving him until the end, “the doctor said at a televised press conference.

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