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What is the key food for improving gut health and preventing bloating, according to medical experts

Taking care of the intestinal flora, protecting immune health and promoting weight loss has never been so delicious

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In recent months health and nutrition trends, they do not tire of talking about the importance of caring for the gut microbiome. Also known as intestinal flora is the term that refers to bacteria set that live in the intestine and that are responsible for the gastrointestinal tract works optimally, not in vain is one of the aspects more decisive in the good health.

There are no doubts science has confirmed through different studies and research works, the close relationship that exists between good intestinal function and general health. In fact for many years various specialists they have named the gut “The second brain” and that is why the complex bacterial community What makes it up drastically influences our general well-being. In such a way that we can ensure that the function of the digestive system, it goes far beyond simply “Process food”; can be an effective treatment to treat various mental illnesses and of the immune system.

In such a way that today we know with certainty everything that a healthy intestine can do for our health. It is an aspect of health that is key in the disease prevention, eliminates inflammatory processes, nourishes and beautifies the skin and it is essential in the mood.

The science it never ceases to amaze us and recently the researchers have found an incredibly delicious way to improve the health of your gut microbiome: Eating avocado every day is the best ally to strengthen the intestine. Such information finds support in a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition, in which it was found that people’s microbiomes what consume avocado daily they have more microbes useful for digestion that those who do not usually consume avocado as part of their habitual diet. Without a doubt this is one of the great reasons why the avocados are in the indisputable list of the healthier superfoods of the planet.

He study looked at 163 adults from among 25 and 45 years with a BMI that places them in the category of overweight or obesity. The study participants were divided into two groups and each one was provided with one meal a day: In the first group, avocado was integrated into their daily meal and the other did not. At the end of the study you had a duration of 12 weeks, the group of candidates who ate avocado in one of your meals of the day; had more beneficial microbes for intestinal health, as they are necessary for break down fiber and create metabolites.

It is not surprising to learn that eat avocado daily, is one of the best additions in all healthy nutrition. In general, avocados are a nutritional treasure, which is related to great benefits for the digestive, cardiovascular, cognitive health and they are wonderful for lose weight. They are incredibly nutritious, their content in vitamin C, B5, B6, E and K, at the same time they are very rich in folates, minerals like magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc and phosphorus. We also cannot fail to mention his extraordinary contribution in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

The truth is that avocados are very rich in fiber and healthy fats, that helped to maintain intestinal health by feeding the microbiota. In addition, due to their composition, they are a key agent to promote good digestion and use of the fiber. On the other hand, an additional finding of avocado consumption was very relevant: its benefits for promote weight loss. Organisms were reported of the participants absorb less fat of food. Also according to published information in the magazine Current Nutrition Reports, avocado meals are associated with a increased production of short chain fatty acids, which can help maintain the eimmune system balance, regulate appetite, blood sugar and reduce the risk of suffering various heart diseases.

In the last months all kinds of nutritional recommendations to promote health and without a doubt avocado has been one of the foods that take the crown. his rich composition and unmatched buttery texture, brings nutrition to another level and immense versatility in the diet. The best of all is that now you have one more reason, to consume and enjoy it every day.


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